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小村的时间光中送给NPC可以提高NPC的好感度。那么,小村的女满部喜欢什么礼物,下一部小篇带来女满部的礼物攻略。Cannot overlay.


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注意:每周好感度上限100,达到上限,作为礼物没有好感。获益于智能手机硬件功用的进步和 四G 高速网络的遍及,原先由电脑终端完结的作业都可由智能手机胜任,加之移动付出的快速开展,人们普遍的休闲、文娱及消费活动都能够在手机端完结。

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The acoustical trends head portrait of the nightingale that solve a lock while, the player that amount to mark still will obtain 1000 inspiration, can use at changing sports season elite, organic meeting opens a precious stage property!


Repair the previews specially good effect to show an error after entering next bouts problem of passageway of open up of the flamen when Hei Jie overcomes the bout in mode to end;


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Material newer detailed information updates announcement later alertly please, or after safeguarding an end, to game entry interface is examined.


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奶牛村的时间区域里更多令人兴奋的内容。1V4 of Netease head money is asymmetrical athletics hand swims " the 5th character " 2 years of celebration are fervent in undertaking, shortly of open of total final of COA в? whole world, 15 battle group be about to couplet sleeves come on stage, present the angle athletics of wonderful unsurpassed for you!